Cheryl Eichner

Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

I am a certified Feldenkrais/ Anat Baniel Practitioner with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. I have an extensive educational background that combine scientific research with an artistic background, which heightens my skills of observation, timing and tempo. Using my analytical training and my extensive training in alternative approaches, I bridge the gap between traditional and alternative care to assist individuals in reaching their greatest potential.

I attribute much of my effectiveness in my work to precision, accuracy and clarity; from a lengthy and dedicated study with some of the pioneers on the leading edge of the osteopathic field. You may have heard of some of these approaches: they include, Cranial Sacral Therapy( direct and indirect Biomechanical and Biodynamic), Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy, Strain and Counterstrain, Zero Balancing, Functional Technique and Visceral Manipulation. I have found these skills of evaluation and treatment to be instrumental in progressing an individual more rapidly to an active and healthy lifestyle.

My love of movement and wanting share this joy and vitality with others, led me to the Feldenkrais Method. This method gave me a more expanded view that further encouraged my creativity and problem solving with individuals. I have found the Feldenkrais/ Anat Baniel Method extremely beneficial for people with neurological disorders( i.e. CVA/ stroke, Head Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis) Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, children with genetic/ chromosomal anomalies, peripheral neuropathy and rare and unusual disorders.

My continuing education is extensive and also includes Advanced Feldenkrais and Anat Baniel Method Trainings, many forms of Manual Therapy, Neuro–Developmental Treatment( Bobath), Energy Kinesiology/ Brain Integration, Rhythmic Movement Trainings, Masgutova Neuro-Sensory-Motor and Reflex Integration, education working with people with trauma( emotional and physical), Neurofeedback, Kinesiology Therapeutic Taping, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen Mind–Body Centering Trainings.

I’ve enjoyed developing movement programs, some of which include; further developing and modifying a back class which involves exploring the Pilates Method, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais Method and low back stabilization concepts. I’ve also designed and instructed creative movement and dance therapy classes for physically and cognitively challenged children in a supportive setting. In addition, we choreographed performances with a therapeutic influence for the children to perform once a year. As a result, I noticed a big boost to the children’s self-esteem. This was a joy to witness.

Some of my professional experience includes assisting in the Basic Professional Anat Baniel Method Trainings and the Advanced and Anat Baniel Method Trainings. I was the Continuity Assistant Trainer for 3 trainings in a row. My professional responsibilities included giving individual Functional Synthesis lessons for students, demonstrating and instructing in Functional Synthesis for the class, teaching Transformational Movement lessons, supervising practicum’s for the students and supporting and giving guidance to the support staff, Assistant Trainers and Trainers.

I was invited to contract giving lessons for over 2 years for children with special needs from out-of-state, and out of country; as well as, some adults, at the Anat Baniel Center as a Senior Anat Baniel Practitioner for one week approximately every month; while Anat was writing her book. I worked closely with Anat and I collaborated with Anat on working with the children. Anat Baniel also referred cases that required a high level of skill and finesse to my private practice. Often times we collaborated on working with individuals.

I am currently the owner of a private practice, Awakening to Life( since 1995) based upon improving the quality of life and everyday function to improving skills in the professional performance arena. I work with a large population of children with special needs locally, from out-of-state and from out of country. I also work with adults having neurological and/ or orthopedic issues and professional musicians, dancers and athletes. I’ve enjoyed providing internships for college students. In addition; I educate, instruct, mentor and do consultations for other practitioners/ professionals. This includes traveling to different states and seeing the specific children and families that the practitioners are working with. I help the practitioner think about how to approach and work with the specific children and families with children with special needs. This includes giving individual children’s series of lessons and explain my observations, my thought process and my intentions. I also informed the practitioners about ideas and approaches about progressing the child in the future lessons. Within this format, I receive and answer questions from the practitioners and the families. This also, sometimes, includes teaching a workshop to the parents with children with special needs and professionals( OT’s, PT’s, speech therapists and practitioners) which has been certified for CEU’s for professionals. This involved teaching theory, Transformational Movement Lessons, Functional Synthesis( hands-on) and holding practicum’s demonstrating lessons for children with special needs from experienced practitioners.

I am committed to improving the effectiveness of other practitioners/ professionals to help decrease the stress and better support the families with special needs. I also have a commitment to working with other disciplines, traditional and alternative, to help create the best possible support to help the individual reach their optimal functioning. I feel it’s an honor to work with individuals in the manner that I do. I work with and enjoy seeing their individual gifts and facilitate the awakening of their potential( that lives inside each one of us) with the knowledge and skills I possess, supporting the individuals personal expression and ability to act in the world.

Grant program
An internship at the facility Shriver’s Institute in Massachusetts with an interdisciplinary team of experts that assessed and evaluated childrenWithin the state of Massachusetts that had unusual and/ or extreme disorders. At the end of the full evaluation a therapeutic plan was recommended.1988

Certification Programs
Ray Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy Training October 2004–December 2006
Anat Baniel Masters Intensive–Working with High Performers May 1–8, 2004
Anat Baniel Method for Children Mastery Program based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais March 2003–September 2003
Anat Baniel method for Vitality and Anti–Aging Mastery Program based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais September 2003–February 2004
Certified Instructor in a California Private Postsecondary Educational Institution April 27, 2004
Anat Baniel Method Practitioner–Certified October 2000–December 2002
Biodynamic Cranialsacral Certification Program February 2001–December 2002
Feldenkrais Masters Intensive Advanced Seminar Series on Infants and Children, Anat Baniel October 1997–May 1999
DIRRID: Dance in Rhythm–Rhythm and Dance( Polyrhythms, Buk and Mother Drum), Heidrun Hoffman March 1998–November 2000
Feldenkrais Method: 4 year Certification Program, Director: Frank Wildman October 1992–March 1996

Guest Speaker at University of San Francisco–Moving from Within: Listening, Moving, Feeling and Expressing April 7, 1999
On a Panel Discussion of Experts on Approaches Working with Children with Special Needs for the United Cerebral Palsy Conference in San Francisco May 2000 Research: Motor Asymmetries in Healthy School-Aged Children May 1988