Carla Oswald Reed

Carla Reed

Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

Carla ‘s ethnic roots are in Europe where both of her parents were born in Germany but she and her six siblings are first generation American. Carla began her passion for working with children with special needs in the eighth grade when she decided she would be a Physical Therapist to pursue that goal. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Allied Medical Professions in Philadelphia, PA with a Bachelor of Science degree and Certificate of Proficiency in Physical Therapy in 1969. Her innate certainty that all children had untapped potential to learn, grow, and improve their function led her to seek out further training that offered more options for children with special needs than the treatment techniques she had been taught in conventional Physical Therapy training.

She trained with the Bobaths in the Neuro-Developmental Treatment for Cerebral Palsy in 1972 but after 8 years of that practice, she was disappointed with outcomes and was looking for more. She saw Moshe Feldenkrais demonstrate his transformative work with a child in April of 1980 at a workshop in Los Angeles and immediately applied to his upcoming professional training in Amherst, MA which involved leaving her home & family in AZ to attend the training for 9 weeks each summer for 4 years. She met Anat Baniel at that training and brought Anat to AZ several times to teach and consult on children with special needs in Carla’s practice. In 2003 after Carla’s own four children were grown, Carla completed Anat’s Children’s Mastery Program followed by her Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery and her Mastery for High Performers. Since then, Carla has studied and assisted with Anat for 9 days at a time four to six times each year at Anat’s Basic Professional Training Program in San Rafael, CA. In addition, Carla maintains a busy practice devoted to children with special needs in her home office in Sterling, VA, USA which attracts families from a nine hour driving radius in the Eastern United States.


1969 - Bachelor of Science degree and Certificate of Proficiency in Physical Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania School of Allied Medical Professions in Philadelphia, PA
1972 - Neuro-Developmental Treatment for Cerebral Palsy with Dr. Karel and Berta Bobath in Milwaukee, WI
1983 – Graduated Feldenkrais Professional Training Program in Amherst, MA and became a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner
1987 – Resources for Infant Educarers Intensive I with Magda Gerber in Los Angeles, CA
2003 – ABM Children’s Mastery Program
2004 – ABM Vitality and Anti-Aging Mastery
2004 – ABM High Performers Mastery
2005 – ABM Basic Professional Training Program
2009 – Assistant ABM Trainer
2011 – ABM Trainer
1995 – “Implications of Intervention Strategies from a Child’s Perspective,” The Feldenrkais Journal, number 10, Winter 1995.
2002 – “The Feldenkrais Method,” Chapter 8, Principles and Practices of Manual Therapeutics, Medical Guides to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Elsevier Science, Division of Churchill Livingstone.