Mastery through Mentorship 2019

Co-hosted by senior ABMNM practioners Judith Dack and Carla Oswald Reed

Mastery through Mentorship

Introduction to Mentorship program

Mastery through Mentorship 2019

4- day Professional Mentorship program for ABM practitioners in practise

Co-led by senior ABM practitioners Judith Dack and Carla Reed

  • Workshop dates: September 13 - 16th., 2019.
  • Location: Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement, Denmark.
  • Admission fee 1250€.
  • Payment details: 300 Euro on registration / 950 Euro July 1st 2019.
  • Group size limited to 14 participants.
  • Registration:

In June of 2018 Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement hosted the first ever Co-led mentoring program with Senior ABM practitioners Judith Dack and Carla Reed. We are fortunate that we once again will be able to offer this consistent learning opportunity with two highly esteemed and experienced teachers of the ABM method.

At Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement our vision is to bring our colleagues and professional community together in a learning experience where we will share our individual work and ideas as practitioners working with children with special needs. The 2019 Mentorship program will be a social, cultural and professional experience, uniquely supported through our Center facility in Denmark.

Workshop participant are being offered hands-on work in a reflective setting. Judith Dack and Carla Reed will help question and give guidance to our individual processes and insights about our work as practitioners.

Carla Reed and Judith Dack are phenomenal together: It is the synergy between to teachers that in their professional life as practitioners and from their individual and personal experiences, will provide the structure and also substance for a profound and inspirational workshop experience. In this practical workshop setting, participants are brought together with the understanding that permit different practitioners with different skill levels and backgrounds, to show themselves as who they are. 

I look forward to being the host for this unique event - and meet you as part of the 2019 mentoring group.

For registration and questions please contact me:

Warm regards,

Johannes Skovgaard, Owner - ABM practitioner