juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Concha

Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

Juan Carlos began his studies with Anat Baniel in 2009.  Prior to this he had more than 15 years experience in various fields of manual therapies using the approach and techniques from Osteopathy in the Cranial Field.  He is also a former professional musician and a teacher of Taoist Tai-Chi.

After learning from Anat Baniel, he has incorporated the principles and techniques of ABM into his practice of working with infants, children and adults with any condition.  He has a unique understanding of the natural design of the brain to transform through the experience of learning and movement.

Since his certification in ABM in 2011 and masteries in 2012, Juan Carlos has traveled extensively helping children with special needs in many different cities in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Bielorussia, and Montenegro.  His private practice is in Mallorca, Spain and he continues to be a lifelong learner and student of movement and its relationship to healing and the brain.


2011 - Certification Anat Baniel Method Practitioner
2012 - Mastery Certification Anat Baniel Method for Children with Special Needs
2012 - Mastery Certification Anat Baniel Method for Vitality and Anti - Aging
2012 - Mastery Certification Anat Baniel Method for High Performers