Discovering Mastery Through Mentorship, 11-14 September 2020

  • Underviser
    ABMNM practitioner Judith Dack
  • Underviser
    ABMNM practitioner Carla Oswald Reed
  • Dato
    11-14 September 2020
  • Sted
    Scandinavian Center of Neurodevelopmental Movement
  • Pris
    € 1250

Coming Together

Judith and Carlahave over 75 years of combined experience providing powerful outcomes for children and their families.  Together, they have inspired colleagues and families around the world.  In this program, you will experience the rich, innovative, collaborative teaching style of Judith and Carla as they share insights and practical tools from a long professional life of working with children with special needs.  Carla and Judith model years of collaboration discussing clients, translating TML’s into lessons for their child clients, and building and sustaining  successful practices. 

Theme: The Formulation of Intention and Art of Disruption

Each day Judith orCarla will teach a group movement lesson highlighting the foundational elements of that day’s theme.  During each of the four days, there will be time for questions and discussions of issues important to the participants. 

Participants will have the opportunity to observe and discuss lessons with children given by Carla and Judith and their fellow participants.