June 2020: A 3-day ABMNM workshop for parents and caregivers: Moving Lessons into Real Life: From Knowledge to Practise

  • Underviser
    Judith Dack, Senior ABMNM practitioner
  • Dato
    5-7 Juni 2020
  • Pris

Presentation Judith Dack


  1. A brief look at neuro-typical development of a baby, the importance of understanding a baby’s learning process through movement exploration.
  2. How neuroplasticity and NeuroMovement can open up a world of possibilities and learning for our babies and children.
  3. Utilizing the 9 essentials for both our children and ourselves, enabling us to parent more effectively and with more ease.
  4. Movement lessons each day to explore your own brain/body connection and really begin to understand your children’s ABMNM lessons.
  5. Hands on practice and take-home movement sequences to help your child continue the learning between lessons
  6. Lots of time for questions, and discussion, and opportunities to connect and learn from each other.


  • Deepen your understanding and experience of the ABM 9 essentials
  • Continue exploring your own brain-body connection
  • Learn how to create powerful learning experiences for your child at home
  • Dynamic opportunities for peer dialogue and learning through connection and a sense of community
  • Addressing the difficult and challenging conversations of raising a child with special needs.

This is an invitation to take the next step into deepening your experience and understanding of the world of neuroplasticity and the brain/body connection.