The 9 Essentials

Læringsteorien sammenfattes i The 9 Essentials’, som værende de læringsprincipper som ABM teorien er funderet i.


  • Essential 1: Moving with Attention.
    When we bring attention to what we feel as we move, the brain immediately starts building billions of new neurological connections that usher in changes, learning and transformation
  • Essential 2: Slow
    Slow makes us feel and experience life at a deeper, more profound level.
  • Essential 3: Variation
    By introducing variation into everything you do, you awaken all your senses.
  • Essential 4: Subtlety
    By reducing the force with wich we move and think, we increase our sensitivity
  • Essential 5: Enthusiasm
    Enthusiasm helps make the impossible possible
  • Essential 6: Flexible Goals
    Flexible goals will reduce your anxiety and increase your creativity, resulting in greater succes, vitality and joy.
  • Essential 7: The Learning Switch
    For the brain to properly do its job, the learning switch needs to be on.
  • Essential 8: Imagination & Dreams
    Your imagination and dreams give you the ability to create something that has never been there before.
  • Essential 9: Awareness
    When you are aware you are fully alive and present.