Adrienne Penebre

Adrienne Penebre

Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

Adrienne began studying The Anat Baniel Method with Anat Baniel in 2009. After completing the basic training, she earned her mastery trainings in Children with Special Needs, Anti-Aging & Vitality, and High Performers in 2012. Currently she continues her studies in advanced techniques with ABM Master Trainers. She often hosts workshops and events for Anat, works on support staff at professional trainings and workshops, and serves as Ms. Baniel's personal assistant at event appearances throughout the U.S.

Before dedicating herself to ABM, Adrienne was a former TV producer turned music composer. By day, she composed musical scores for media ads, public art installations, indie films, and documentaries for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, PBS, and other major cable networks. By night, she was moonlighting as a Yoga teacher and touring with her husband in their rock band as a drummer. ABM spoke to her inner mover, creator, teacher and healer. Without knowing where it would lead, she decided to step into a training to help heal her ongoing musculoskeletal pain. That changed everything.

Adrienne had been teaching Yoga to adults for well over a decade. So integrating the ABM principles into her classroom was a natural evolution. But working with children with special needs came from an unexpected spark of the heart. During her years of training with Anat, she was inspired by the transformations she witnessed, and the stories she heard of children whose futures were changed with ABM. She felt a calling.

After graduating from the trainings, Adrienne renovated her career path to devote herself full time to her ABM practice for children and adults. She continued pursuing further studies in infant movement development. She trained in Magda Gerber’s RIE approach to caregiving that emphasizes the intelligent wholeness of babies, and the use of sensitive observation to understand how a baby communicates wants and needs. And in 2016, Adrienne went to Hungary to study the roots of RIE in the groundbreaking pedagogy of The Pikler approach. The Pikler Institute has collected 50 years of experiential research on healing in children who have been abandoned and/or traumatized. The approach is based on a kind and respectful relationship between an adult and infant, through tender care moments, a naturally paced motor development, free movement and uninterrupted play. (It was Anat who first introduced her to Pikler.) Adrienne integrates these methods with ABM to support families in becoming powerful catalysts to the healing and development of their child.

Most days, Adrienne can be found at work in her peaceful garden studio in Washington D.C., home to her ABM practice, Neurophysica. She is excited that in 2019 Neurophysica will relocate to its new home base near the beautiful ocean shores of Tampa Bay, Florida. When she is not giving lessons, Adrienne is at work creating an online media wellness company, Moovy, offering ABM inspired solutions to those seeking to restore healthy movement. She also presents experiential trainings to professional infant caregivers on the link between free movement and infant brain development.

And once in awhile, for fun and personal development, she still writes a song, and rocks out on the drums.